Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Workers who do not do Yoga or Qi Gong are at a distinct disadvantage...

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The healthy body is a flowing, interactive electrodynamic energy field.  Motion is more natural to life than non-motion, things that keep flowing are inherently good.  What intereferes with flow will have detrimental effects.  Valerie V. Hunt

Chinese Medicine has always indicated that a stagnation in Qi will result in ill health, and to remove blockages will return health.  Qi Gong is a powerful complementary way to restore balance to the body.  It is fluid, it is simple, however it does demand a mindful, daily practice.

Vibrant health is a condition of balanced and flowing Qi throught the body's meridians, chakras are synchronised and an energy body that is radiant and expansive. Stanley Wilson

Health is more than physical, it is mental, emotional.  I would say it is also Spiritual, because it forces the Ego to listen and change its way, to be more humble.

Total alignment of mind, body and spirit is the true goal of Yoga.  Qi Gong is a cross between pranayama and asanas, or a Taoist Yoga, refined over hundreds of years, able to taught to anyone, regardless of age.  Anyone will benefit from it.

It benefits are bountiful; health, clarity of mind and in developing mindfulness.  It develop mindfulness, because its pure success depends on it and that naturally spills over into day to day life automatically.  It also prepares one for meditation, by freeing up the Qi channels in the body.  It is also a competitive edge in todays corporate world.

We are after all energy beings, and as Iyengar would put it "Energy is an attractive quality", it gives one charisma as well as offering health benefits.  Dollar for dollar it is the best preventative health care scheme available, and the best support in helping you get a promotion.

Workers who do not do Yoga or Qi Gong are at a distinct disadvantage, given all things equal they will not be able to compete with the connection and impact of a "Corporate Yogi", who has practiced unifying herself even before the day has started.

I hope this gives some motivation for a daily practice.  Note benefits also requires a full presence in your practice and eliminating "toxic" thoughts, feelings and diets.  As you get more sensitive to Qi, you will get more sensitive to other gross things as well such as these which have a direct impact on our energy levels.



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