Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Healings Sounds

The following healing sounds references have been taken from "Heal Yourself with Qi Gong" by Suzanne Friedman (a great concise book and very well written).  The book has got much more detail of  various other  techniques, please purchase book if you find this useful, I feel it is good book to have.  I have added it to the resources section of this blog towards the bottom for you where you can browse some of its contents.

Repeat 6 to 18 times.

For Digestion - hu (pronouced "who"), inhale and visualize white light filling your stomach, exhale as if you are blowing through a straw.  exhale, visualize hunger, heat or discomfort being released from your stomach.  Stretch upwards with hand interlaced palms facing the sky, tilt torso to the right to open and stretch the spleen and pancreas.

For Blowing Off Steam - she (pronounced "she"), raise arms to shoulders to sides with palms facing earth, visualize gathering a bright white light

Healing Sound: To Purge Anger and Stress - shu (pronounced "shu"), stretch upwards with hand interlaced palms facing the sky, tilt torso to the left to open and stretch the liver (which is on the right side of torso), Exhale feling your liver releasing anger and stress from whole body

Healing Sound: To Purge Anxiety : ha  (pronounced "ha") - Raise arms like someone is asking you to "stick em up", hands a bit higher than head, palms facing forward, keep elbows lightly bent, relax shoulders.  Exhale feeling anxiety leaving your body

Healing Sound: To Purge Grief and Sadness - shh  (pronounced "shh"), raise your elbows to out to the sides your palms facing the front pointing to your head, keep wrist straight.  As you exhale feel lungs and chest releasing sadness and grief from your whole body with the air

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