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Eight Fold Path of Yoga can only be Experienced

Bonsai Moon kindly provided by h.koppdelaney under Creative Commons
Qi Gong cannot really be explained, it can only be experienced.  The beauty of being human is that our uniqueness will carve out for us personal conculsion as to what Qi Gong is....What happen within us during the QiGong experience is ours alone and creates a personal lexicon.  This new language becomes the foundation for our personal growth and pathway to healing...Garri Garripoli (Qi Gong Master)

Same can be said about Yoga, and Meditation for that matter, both are but a expression of meditation in different forms.  Qi Gong is sometimes referred to as Taoist Yoga, or Yin Yoga.

What we are talking about is the alignment of Mind, Body and Spirit, that alignment is a "Zen" moment, a Yogic moment, expansion of ourselves from the confines of our limited sense of  self and Ego.  That moment is when Time and Space stops, and we forget our individual boundaries, the wave merges into the ocean temporarily.  The irrational pursuit of temporal happiness of the senses, deluded visions of grandeur and a distorted sense of reality are all given up!  This state cannot be held on because our mind is wavering, although this state is always there to be realized.

This alignment is beautiful to watch, we are all in search of it, we want it, but we don't know its what we are looking for, we know its beautiful when we see it, we see it in personal triumphs of epic proportions, in music, art, poetry that seem to touch our very soul.  Only a person who has fully aligned herself can bring this out due to her own self mastery and seek to express it, so others can "seek shade in it in the burning sun of the world", and to inspire others to do so themselves in their own unique way.

What we have is a de-fragmented sense of Self, where the Mind is always somewhere, the Body is somewhere else, and the poor Spirit does not even seem to exist.  Yet it is the Spirit that gives us life, that powers our Mind.  Further more add narcotics, alcohol, drugs and a mindless diet, and no spiritual mentors, what do you get? An ordinary awareness the size of an apple...

We are but slaves, for the Mind is a slave to the Senses and the Ego and holds the Spirit a prisoner, we don't have any idea of freedom.  True freedom lies in being free from the whims and attachments of the Mind, Ego and Senses, it lies in the full expression of the Spirit within us, letting it go to actualize the inherit goodness, compassion and wisdom in all of us.  It lies within yourself like a diamond waiting to be discovered, we have to peel layer upon layer of our existence to discover it.

The Eightfold Path of Yoga is the key I believe.  I will attempt to explain it in a few lines:
Eliminate unwanted stress by doing the right thing (yama & niyama) , through your postures (asanas) enable yourself to withstand all sort of physical, emotional and mental stress, through the practice of mindful breathing (pranayama), gather the energy to manage your emotions and achieve clear thinking, next exercise control over your senses and actions with self moderation  (pratyahara).  Once you have this you are in a position to sit for meditation effectively, achieve concentration (dhyana), and reach beyond your mind to your Spirit (Samadhi)

Wishing you the awareness of true alignment, and thus achieving the true goal of yoga through applying the Eightfold path of yoga...


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