Sunday, February 27, 2011

45-LORY1 - Lunchtime Optimal Routine Yin 1

Picture savasana kindly provided by iwillnotsuccumb

I can't do Cardio or Yang style yoga routine everyday, so I have designed a routine for myself.  It is a 45 minute lunchtime routine that comprises of Qi Gong and a Yin Yoga sequence by Sarah Powers (plus one small change I have included for a twist). I need to use props (towel, rugs, 2 blocks, strap) , as I need to support my neck, and my back, my arms.

10 minutes - 8 Brocades Qi Gong Routine.  See blog.

35 minutes - Sarah Powers Insight Yoga Routine from embedded article.  Please also look at Yin Yoga Blog for some tips on how to do routines.

3 minutes - Butterfly Pose
6 minutes - Saddle
9 minutes - Seal
12 minutes - Sphinx
15 minutes - Childs Pose
18 minutes - Half Dragon Fly - Left
21 minutes - Half Dragon Fly - Right
24 minutes - Dragonfly
27 minutes - Full Forward Bend
30 minutes - Include additional Lying Twist
35 minutes - Savasana

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