Saturday, January 1, 2011

Understanding The Zen Mind

To understand the Zen Mind, one needs to understand the concept of the physical, the mental and whats beyond the mental.

Most people understand the physical, they don't see the pervasiveness of the mental, and the infinite wisdom beyond the mental.

Qi or Prana is at the mental level, what powers the Qi or Prana is beyond the mental. To see beyond the mental is the zen mind, one may call it no mind, but that is simplifying it to a Nth Degree! One can do this by only by meditation.

Meditation is focusing the mental thoughts in a relaxed manner much like a lazer focusing light to cut through anything. Focused thoughts are very, very powerful!

Enjoy the great video, and I hope this explanation draws some clarity on it.

Wishing you Love, Truth and Compassion,


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