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Whats the Optimal Fitness Routine?

Baoding Balls / Qi Gong-KugelnImage via WikipediaWhat I like about John Alton's Unified Fitness Book is that he has got a fitness routine, everything from mobilization, stretching, cardio, yoga, qi gong, meditation and diet.  Problem is all of this adds up to almost 1.5 hours to 2 hours a day, however at the moment a 15 minute Qi-Gong routine is not cutting it for me at the moment.

The following was taken from a great article from Yoga Journal here:
"So if you want to become and stay physically and mentally fit, make sure your yoga practice includes a balance of poses that build strength, stamina, and flexibility, along with breathwork and meditation to help develop body awareness...If you are just doing 15 minutes of gentle yoga stretches three to four times a week, you will also need to do some other form of exercise to stay fit"

There is no doubt that all of these are required, but it got me thinking how do I incorporate all of this, some overlap is possible, but I think at a basic level you need to have at least the following:

20-40 minutes - Qi Gong/Pranayama - Allow for two dozes of Qi Gong, one in the morning, and one before lunch.  I prefer Qi Gong, because it incoporates stretching as well, unless you are doing Kundalini Yoga, which involves a lot more movement.
Pranayama/Qi Gong clears up the blocked energy channels in your body

20-30 minutes - Stretches/Yoga - Bikram has got a good complete routine for the whole body.  His site has the 26 postures for you to practice, he recommends doing each posture twice.
Stretching reverses out all the stresses of the normal body

20-30 minutes - Cardio - Brisk walking, treadmill etc

30-60 minutes - Meditation - Allow for 2-3 sessions (Check out resources section on my guru habit site or you could just stay in silence in lotus or corpse pose)
- On walking
- After exercise
- Before sleeping

This is true rest for your mind, if anything this should not be missed, with meditation all good things come!

The above gives a pattern that is totally customizable to any individual's preference.

Now this takes - 90 minutes to 2 hours 40 minutes, but hey, it beats the operating room any time in the future, and sure as well a lot cheaper than drugs and reactive health care.  Also this keeps you in top shape on all aspects of your life, and the benefits will be seen with consistent practice in all aspects of your life, relationships, health, patience, focus.



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