Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reflective Exercise By John Alton

I just got a copy of the book Unified Fitness a fitness program. 

I was impressed with the simplicity of the Six Subtle Movements which is one of the key components to his exercise routines that incorporates stretches, yoga, cardio, simplified Qi Gong and Meditation .  Here is a qoute from his book in page 100:

"The problem with Taiji and even the simper QiGong is that they are learning intensive, time-consuming practices that carry the added burden of not being able to explain their benefits to a non-Chinese audience.  For these reasons, I developed the Six Subtle Movements.  This simple routine, in a condense form, delivers the essence of the far-more involved Taji, thus saving the novice the worry of having to learn hundreds of complex movements and postures..."

This is the prime appeal of the book, and it is a one stop shop incorporating with a routine, that has been tried and tested.  The book has case studies, and a quick search on the internet shows sucessful application of these routine for swim team (see video below) and cancer treatments.  

I am not sure how things would work if you take aspects out of this book and tried them in isolation, the whole book builds up to a routine which still requires at least 40 minutes to an 1 and a half hours a day.  

However I do think he has done a superb job here by creating a unique fitness program, which is really well structured.  I can see that it would benefit many professional sportspeople, and even the general public.  His style of writing is very effective, this is understandable from his English teaching background and experience.

I am looking forward to incorporating some of this routine into my fitness plan.



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The video below talks about his work with Cancer research, and shows some of his movements:

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