Friday, January 14, 2011

Qi Gong is Moving Meditation...

Qi Gong has taught me a lot of things. The beauty of it is I believe it is the purest form of moving meditation.

Meditation explained simply is control over your thought patterns.

It is difficult to explain it to a non-meditator, because a non-mediator cannot perceive a possibility of such control. At the simplest level it is forgetting everything and being present only in the movement.

To explain this simply I ask: Whats the difference between a light bulb and a lazer? Both put out light, except a Lazer can cut through anything. The difference is the concentration of light. A light bulb is diffused scattered light, a lazer is focused concentrated light.

Same with a meditator, and non-mediator. A meditator practices harnessing thoughts into a single stream like a lazer. Dependent on method and intention, many things are possible, however laws of nature needs to be respected, and energy has to be harnessed for spiritual uplift of oneself, self control, humility and love.  To do party tricks and unnecessary healing, Qi is thrown away in an instant, where it is acquired in weeks to years of intensive training. One should treat Qi like wealth, except no wealth can possibly buy it.

Through one's example and presence alone others will surely benefit, so will the world!

Sounds easy, but show me someone who can do it. All movements are simple strokes, completely natural. However find me a fitness fanatic who can execute the movements as smooth as a 70 year old master. The big difference between the two, is that the master does not let herself get in the way!

Health is not only in the body, it is in the mind, values, habits, speech and action...meditation gives you this and all good things come from it.

I hope this article has give you some motivation to do meditation in all forms.  I believe it is the only way for real change to happen on this planet.

Wishing you persistence in your meditation,


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