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Qi Gong and Homeopathy

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I think many people have lost faith of today's health care for many reasons, which I won't go into.  Don't get me wrong, nothing ever replaces the value of it in an emergency situation.

However we have transfered the responsibility of our health to the hands of pharmaceutical companies who have their own financial interests.  Our health is our responsibility! 
What happen if you don't service you car, it breaks down? Same way we we needs daily servicing, see my related blog here.

Health care is a big "money spinner".  Drug 1 fix problem A, but causes problem B, C & D, for which you need drug 2, 3 & 4, and it goes on.

Our bodies are complex and intelligent things, protecting ourself subconsciously from damaging conscious thoughts, actions and environmental toxins taken knowingly or unknowingly.

The Chinese often prescribed Qi Gong and Herbs for various ailments. I personally prefer using Homeopathy instead, and show you how I do it with or without Qi Gong.

The Chinese say that all "disease" is a result of a lack of flow of Qi resultant in stagnant or sick Qi.  There is a blockage of some sort that happens in the subtle bodies that causes physical sickness.  The body is also very intelligent, in that it moves energy and toxic build up in the least important areas/organs first.  The toxic/stagnant chi build up can be caused by mental or environmental reasons,  ultimately it all ties back to Karma, arriving at todays condition because of our own past actions, which is a separate topic which I touched on in my last blog here.

The advantage of Homeopathy is as follows:
  - It is available easily, I buy mine from Swanson Vitamins
  - It is affordable
  - There is lots of supporting software to help you find the right medicine.
  - No side affects, except for aggravation, if you take it too much or the wrong medicine is taken.  This can be counteracted quite quickly though with a dose of Nux Vomica (few more antidoting medicines exist)
  - It acts directly on the subtle bodies
  - Easy to self learn

A introductory course or book to Homeopathy is recommended, though I never went to any course, and basically learnt it first hand from from my Dad, and treating myself and family, as well as taking hints from professional homeopath.  However the basic principle of all holistic medicine is the same.  I cured myself of Asthma just from Homeopath in my early 20s, cause of it which I know was one of the most difficult personal situations at the time.  I still have challenges now, but I have Qi Gong and Meditation now :)

All holistic medicine say that the cause of disease is the person's mind.  In Qi Gong and Yoga the objective is to align "Mind", "Body" & "Spirit" to bring them together in harmony.  It is in this disharmony that all suffering including disease.  I have never tried Chinese Traditional Medicine, apart from Qi Gong, but have read about it, the method of diagnostic is through mental and timing observances, as well as physical elements, very similar to Homeopathy.

We have to use our "Mind" to connect our "Body" & "Spirit".  Self mental correction should be enough, but because of our lack of control over our "Mind", it is difficult, this is where Herbs, Homeopathy, Yoga and Qi Gong can help.

Homeopathy captures the "energy signature" information of various things (minerals, viruses etc) sometimes even deadly substances in a liquid (water or alcohol) or tablet form (lactose).  I use "Arsenic" quite often for Flu symptoms.  Homeopathy affects your own energy patterns, somehow to cancel out the corresponding negative patterns in subtle bodies using a "Like Cures Like" principle.

I use the following questions and plug the answers into a computer program called ATAMA, which is easy to use and very affordable:
1. What are the person mental attributes?
2. Is there anyway the person gets better or worse?
3. What are the ailments, particularly any extraordinary ailments (eg Hungry does not want to eat, Cold but want to take clothes off)?

This gives a quick profile of the persons symptoms 80% of the time sufficient to pick the right remedy, I am attaching my son's one I did this morning, where he was suffering from FLU.  Within the first treatment itself he started feeling better.  I choose Bryonia after because I knew the that Belladona usually have heat on skin with redness, were as Bryonia doesn't, one could also read about the different remedies and make a judgement call on which one to take.

Then I take the medicine for 3 days, 9 times a day.  9 times a day is split up into 3 treatments a day, each treatment is 3 doses 15 minutes apart.  So I take 3 in the morning, 3 midday or afternoon, and 3 in the evening.  Like Qi Gong it is best done on an empty stomach or after 1 hour of food at least.

I usually supplement this with at least 2-3 sessions of Qi Gong on recovery of an illness.

There is also various free online self help sites &, though I found it a lot easier to find the right medicine with my technique and ATAMA software above.  Of course one should always consult a professional Homeopath for chronic or serious conditions, I strongly advise against self treatment for any chronic or serious condition, as there are many layers of complexity in treatment for this, and one is not in an objective frame of mind to be able to treat oneself.  

This blog is a personal account of my experience only and does not provide any medical advice or expertise, and I am not a health professional, far from it : ).

Wishing you awareness of how important your health is to your well being, and how connected it is to your frame of mind,



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