Sunday, January 30, 2011

Optimal Fitness Routine 20 minutes Per Day Yoga

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Following from my  Optimal Fitness Routine Blog I need 20 minutes Per Day Yoga per day at minimum.  I have been doing it from memory, but I thought I would put in a structured routine for myself through this entry.

I only have an hour to spare for lunch, so I try to fit in 20 minutes Yoga, 20 minutes HIIT Cardio, 10 minutes Relaxation, allowing 10 minutes to change.  On the 20 minutes Yoga, I do 10 minutes before and after the Cardio.

I took the following categories from The Pure Heart of Yoga (a fantastic book BTW), of which I need some poses: Upward, Sidewards, Forward, Backward, Twisting, Balance, Extremities, Inversion, Relaxation, Meditation.  Then I chose the poses from a variety of sources, including the book itself, you can customize yourself accordingly, no sweat....

10 minutes before Cardio:
1. Upward & Sidewards - Half Moon (Side, Up, Side) 
2. Forward - Runners Stretch 
3. Sidewards - Triangle
4. Extremities - Warrior 1 and/Or Warrior 2
5. Balance - Dancer
6. Backward - Cobra, Locust, Bow
7. Twisting - Seated Twist and/Or Supine Twist
8. Inversion - Down Dog

10 minutes after Cardio:
1. Upward & Sidewards - Half Moon (Side, Up, Side)
2. Forward - Standing Forward Fold
3. Sidewards - Extended Triangle
4. Extremities - Warrior 1 and/Or Warrior 2
5. Balance - Eagle and/Or Tree
6. Backward - Camel
7. Twisting - Seated Twist and/OR Supine Twist
8. Inversion - Shoulder Stand and/Or Plough

Last 10 minutes for:
Relaxation - Corpse (5 minutes)
Meditation - Squat/Lotus (5 minutes) and/Or Qi Gong

Its hard to think off different postures during self practice, but if one can keep in mind the different categories, it is much easier to get the right spread of Asanas to do.



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