Sunday, January 16, 2011

One Session of Qi Gong is just not Enough!

I had a feeling that one Qi Gong session a day lasting up to 20 minutes is not enough, this was also reinforced in John Alton's book on Unified Fitness, where he recommended at least 2 sessions per day. Ken Cohen also mentioned in his book "The Way of Qi Gong" that masters do their routine on waking, midday and midnight for better results, I recall.

If one thinks of Qi Gong as a tool for bring order to the mind, body and breath. One can see that we use it to get a good start to the day. However there is just too much CHAOS going on during the day, attention gets scattered, emotions gets raised, all resulting in your Qi getting stagnated or stuck. A re-tuning is required throughout the day, and before bed to get a good nights sleep, Unless you sleep late, you can do it just before you sleep, instead of midnight.

The great thing about Qi-Gong is its versatility, just find an empty room, do your routine, if someone walks in just pretend you are yawning, or doing your shoe laces :)

One can even do a different routine in the morning, before lunch and before sleep, to give some variety in the practice. The lunchtime one can be a shorter one. If you are starting out just do the one routine at least for six months. Furthermore, one should try to finish a Qi Gong session with a short meditation.

The key to motivation is to have a clear INTENT do your form daily and frequently. Know that you will get much benefit out of this frequent practice as:

Order internally creates order externally, Chaos internally creates Chaos externally

Wishing you daily regularity with your Qi Gong practice,


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