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Mindful Presence in Qi Gong & Yoga

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One thing that Qi Gong has taught me is Presence of Mind(Moving Meditation), however it is a constant battle!  What it means is that you "Zone Out" everything else, and "Zone Into" the task at hand.

Qi Gong itself does not work without this mental presence, neither does true Yoga.  If you really think about it most things don't work out that well if "you are not there".

The was once a Zen master, who was asked to explain meditation, she said, "When you stand, stand, when you sit, sit, when you eat, eat! ".  Simple but show me someone who can do it, its very, very interesting, watch yourself, we always seem to want to do something other than what we are doing!  When we are sitting we want to sleep, stand up, or go somewhere else, when we are standing we want to move around or sit down, when we are eating, we want to watch TV!

When I was in the Gym the other day, I looked around, and on the exercise machines around me, one person was reading a newspaper, the other person was bopping to music, the other person watching television, all of this happening while they are exercising on the machines.  Its like the mind is always somewhere else and the body is somewhere else.

If nothing, Yoga and Qi Gong teaches you one thing, align"Mind", "Body" and "Spirit" together by focusing your thoughts completely on your Movements or Stillness, Breathing, Visualization or Mantra!  That is complete alignment, and becoming your real potential. Mental awareness is also energy, capable of directing Qi or Prana to an area that requires it.

Think of your mental awareness as a torch that you can shine on different parts of your body.

Iyengar says in Light on Life page 32:
When doing the postures your mind should be in an interior conscious state, that does not mean sleep; it means silence, emptiness, space that can then be filled with an acute awareness of the sensations given by the posture.  You watch yourself from inside. It is a full silence...Do things rhythmically with a calm mind.  

The same can be said of Qi Gong, in bringing the mind to the movements, it is like you are painting smoothly around you smoothing out your Aura!  Can you detect the Qi, particularly in your hands, is it tingly, is it warm, does it feel magnetic?

We have to use the "Mind" to connect the "Spirit" and the "Body" together.  The Spirit is Kind, therefore the actions of the Body has to be Kind, The Spirit is Love, therefore Body has to show actions of Love, and speak words of Love.  The Spirit is Perfect therefore the movement or asana of the Body has to be Perfect, Smooth, Even, Grounded, Rhythmic or Flowing.

The Body cannot do this by itself, it needs to Mind to direct it, and to do that the Mind has to be there and present, not on the other hundred things that need to be done today, or the bills that need to be paid tomorrow, or feeling of insecurity about not being able to do the movements or asana properly like the rest of the class, and the list goes on, if you get my drift...

This applies to anything,  "a person who masters her Mind is the Master of the Universe" (Sikh Guru Granth Sahib).  Being present is a way to master your mind so you can let the brilliance inside you flow out and execute the task or resolve the challenge in front of you perfectly!

Wishing you presence of Mind, in your Yoga, Qi Gong, Work and Family Life,



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