Saturday, January 1, 2011

Make Your Qi Gong Form your Own

When I got married, my wife made me matter paneer using a recipe from my mum (peas & ricotta cheese), when I ate it, well lets just say I had to be very encouraging. 14 years later her matter paneer is to die for! Not only that every other dish she makes taste absolutely delicious . She has cooked almost every day for the last 14 years, experimented, and enjoys her cooking.  She has her own style now, quite distinct from my mother's cooking, or anyone else for that matter.

Same principles apply with Qi Gong.

When we practice a form, we have to make it our own, if we don't we have not made progress. Every person is unique, every person's awareness, and understanding is different. Mastery also makes subtle changes in the form over time. Even in Yoga, every instructor teaches the same vinyasa flow a bit differently.

To make it our own, we have to practice the basics, practice mental presence, and repeat the form daily.

The Basics
Concentrate on the basics: breathing smoothly, timing and relaxation, and practice daily, you will find subtle variations take place with the same routine over a period of time, as your mastery increases.  Attend classes with masters, watch videos of time, imitation and experimentation is the best way of learning.

Mental Presence
One way to deepen mental presence is to hold two glasses of water half full in each form and practicing with and without the water during the week. You will find that after practicing with the water, your mental presence will be much more.

Imagine you are a painter, and each move is a smooth stroke requiring your full attention, and interaction...except you are painting with energy on a blank canvas around your body...

Switching forms too soon is disruptive and may interfere with your mental FLOW.  I recommend practice the same form for at least 6-months to a year daily.  Its ok to do more forms, but do this in addition to what you do.

Even forms you don't practice daily change automatically too, just like my wife's cooking over 14 years! Mastery comes with practice, good mentors, dedication and time, and shows in your own unique excecution of the Qi Gong form.



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