Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The keys to a successful Qi Gong session...

The keys to a successful Qi Gong session was something I have been contemplating lately. I put down the ones that I thought were important to share with you.  This could really apply to anything, now that I think about it:
- Faith
- Mindful Presence
- Relaxed Body
- Timing
- Regularity

Underlying all effort is the faith, Faith leads to Practice, Practice leads to Understanding or the Zen mind, where one does not know intellectually, but experiences the different level of awareness the practice brings.

Mindful Presence
The key to a successful session in both yoga and Qi Gong is a mindful presence. I find it easier in Qi Gong, because the constant sway of the movements focus the mind more easily. Most things don't work without mindful presence, Qi Gong is useless without it.  This same point differentiates yogis from "stretchers".  If you find yourself not present in your movements, you can either do two things, bring your focus back into the practice continuously, or quit and try later when you are in a better frame of mind to concentrate. It is quite normal for the mind to sway.  I tend to think of this as the:

"Drunken Man Walk Home", where destination is arrived, it but in a rather unorderly manner.  Sooner or later we become sober and walk in a straight line home, in a quicker and more efficient manner.  Similarly in beginning phases of practice, the mind wanders, bring it back, bring it back and bring it back, until you have the proficiency with practice to walk a straight line home!

Relaxed Body
The other thing that is key, is relaxation of the whole body. There is a saying that a relaxed body lets the qi flow. This makes sense, because tensing up probably freezes the Qi.  Tensing up or forcing is also an expression of our will rather experiencing the will of the universe receptively.

Relaxation also has it the implicit requirement of having integrity, there is a saying "A man walking on his tip toes cannot stand strong", lack of integrity stores tension automatically in the body, freezing your qi. The same can be also said about all negative emotions like anger, greed, ego, lust and attachment.  However real meditation does work on these automatically.

The next thing is timing, the movements have to be like clockwork, to your breathing, inhalation and exhalation. Movement and change of breath has to start the same time.

And the last thing is regularity. I wrote in a previous post before that I don't think just one session a day is enough, unless you are a master, where every minute of the day is a meditation for you. Most of us are not that enlightened. So at least 2-3 sessions are required, they can be shorter routines. Before lunch and before sleeping.

The results of this is that a different sense of awareness is brought about automatically.  I would say it is your original sense of awareness you are honing in on, rather than developing a new one.  We live in a distorted and perverted world, the distortion and perversion is of our mind, meditation removes these false filters enabling you to perceive reality as it really is, even if it is for a moment!

Finishing up, may you have Faith in your practice, may you practice it with Mindful Presence, and Relaxed Body, focusing on Timing, and doing it Regularly.  


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