Friday, December 17, 2010

Pondering on Qi and E=MC Squared!

Lately I have been pondering this equation E=MC Squared, simple maths converts this to M = E/C Squared, that is Mass = Energy over the Speed of Light Squared.

To me this means we are Energy slowed down or rather stepped down.

Qi itself is life energy, it comes from a combination of mental interactions with the 5 basic elements (Ether, Air, Fire, Water, Earth) to create life force.

The 5 basic elements and the mind are itself created from the 3 "Gunnas" (Satva (Neutral or Central), Raja (Yang), Tatva (Yin))

The 3 "Gunnas" are actually created from the creative divine power sustaining everything, which also embodies divine Love and Compassion, known as Tao, Word, Logos, Shabad. Some say that this can be heard and seen internally through our Soul's eyes and ears, in the form of Subtle Inner Sounds, and Light.

So we are creatures of Energy fundamentally. Sickness or lack of contentment and compassion, often is a result of stagnant Qi flow. The Qi has to follow the mind, because the mind is part of the makeup of Qi.  Often what happen is that the mind lingers on the 5 passions (there are more but these are the basic ones for simplicity sake), See Five Evils
1. Kam (Lust)
2. Krodh (Rage)
3. Lobh (Greed)
4. Moh (Attachment)
5. Ahankar (Ego)

None of us are spared from these evils.  Energy gets caught up in Limbo on this throughout the body, and thats where blockages arise.  The only way to deal with these is contemplation of their opposites, and meditation.

Subtle mental habits that stay with us over life times are called Sankaras. This is also related to Karma. Qi forms around these Sankaras to create a physical form along with many other factors.

Qi Gong (also a moving form of meditation, coupled with contemplation and visualization) can help remove some of these blockages, coupled with some positive contemplation.  Ken Cohen says without the mind's presence Qi Gong simply does not work...

There is a saying, the physical is a reflection of many more reflections, we are basically energy slowed down or Frozen based on our fixations and our Sanskaras.

Wishing you Love, Compassion & Health


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