Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Please don't take my mind out of the picture!

Often in western medicine the person mind is taken out of consideration in the treatment. In alternative medicine, the mind is critical to the treatment, in Tibetan Buddhism, a treatment of contemplation of opposing positive thoughts to negative ones is given as well as herbal treatment. In homeopathic medicine, the mental symptoms are the most important.

There is a saying "Where the mind goes, the Qi goes".

The Chinese say sickness is usually an absence or a stagnation of Qi. This correspond to Polarity Therapy, where energy has to return once expanded, however usually hangs in limbo, because of our fascination of hanging on to things.

Even in studies of Cancer, positive thoughts and images are critical to the success of treatment.

Why, because positive thoughts are healing thoughts, and negative ones always destructive thoughts. Absence of thoughts also leads to Entropy.

Master Li often emphasized the important of compassionate and loving thoughts, he indicated that this goes hand in hand with healthy Qi. He often indicated that the source of Qi is love itself.

So emmerse yourself in positive thoughts, and thoughts of compassion for those that come into contact in your life, and see the effect of this with your Qi Gong, and vice versa. Be present in your Qi Gong.

And remember don't take your mind out of the picture, keep it occupied with positive focused thoughts.

Wishing you Peace, Love and Health


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