Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays & Qi Gong

Merry Xmas and happy holidays, this year give yourself the gift that can't be wrapped, and is not just for one day, but every day the gift of compassion, humility, gratitude, love, self-respect and forgiveness...

An absolute gem of a book to read on imitating Christ is "The Imitation of Christ", by Thomas Kempis, one of my favorites in the past, you can download from Project Guternburg here free.  It is apparently the second most popular Christian book next to the Bible.

I am not Christian myself, but I loved reading it, the fundamentals are the same in all religions, we are all the same under our skin, why so much racial and religious intorrelance?  All this negativity is harmful for us, each other, the world and human race.

Although we can try to imitate Christ by contemplation of the values he taught us.  A even more powerful way to do this is through Qi Gong and Yoga along side with these contemplations.

See, all negative thoughts gets reflected in the body through stagnant Qi.  Anger automatically disperses Qi in a frenzy and is particularly damaging to your liver.  All negative emotions are harmful to your own Chi, and all positive emotions are healing and support the flow of Qi from the crown of the head, through the breath in the air, and assimalation of Qi through food.

Qi gets blocked in various energy centers in the body, rather than completing its flow and returning back to the source due to our various emotional responses or attachments.  Qi steps down through the 5 Chakras or through the 3 Dan Tians, and need to flow back up to the top Chakra or Dan Tian.

Clearing these blockages has an purifying effect on the persons character.  One can say bad karma is being paid off or sick or stagnant Qi is being thrown away.

The more Qi Gong you do in a day, along with meditation, the more powerful your change of character can be for the better.  And this happens automatically, naturally and more lasting, rather than a short term effort of will which is artificial and not sustainable.

I leave you with an exercise to try, its a variation of the body scan exercise, with a unique visualization method and relaxation I discovered myself one day, I call it the Qi Body Scan:

1. Do any of your Qi Gong form.
2. Lie down in a corpse pose on your back, perfectly still, and relax your feet, your legs, your hands, and your jaw.  Your hands and leg should be limp with any movement.
3. Do a scan down and back up, keep a mental note of where all the tensions are.
4. Now the second time around imagine a line joining all these points and focus your attention on connecting all these points with a line.
5. Now imagine these line getting thicker and solidifying, until it almost feels that you can pick this up.
6. Now you can try focusing your mind on the line until it disappears.
7. And relax don't try to hard

Wishing you Love, Peace and Compassion.


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