Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Living Qi Gong!

I am reading John alton's book living qi gong and really enjoying it, I highly recommend it, it is not an instructional book, try picking it up from your local library, thats where I got it from. Here is his site, he seems to have made a western form of qi gong, the link also has some good background on China and Qi Gong: http://www.unifiedfitness.com/REQigong.htm

John Altons makes some very interesting analogies in his book, firstly he says that benefits from Qi Gong like Yoga, is determined by two factors, quality of the teacher, and devotion of the student. This is the same for meditation from my own experience.

Alton further goes on to say that most people initially cannot feel the biochemical reactions with air (and the qi in the air for that matter), its like dog paddling, not very graceful or efficient although you still get wet! When you progressing to swimming, you actually feel the interaction between yourself and the air via a bioelectric charge like swiming, slicing through air instead of water, and when you go deep sea snorkeling you actually start going deep underwater and realising you are emersed in qi everywhere, and a whole new world opens up.

Its been about 3 months of doing Master Li's Standing Quan Yin meditation, although it is the same sequence, I find myself continuously fine tuning these form for myself. I am not sure how long this fine tuning will last, sometimes it is the posture, sometime it is the breathing, sometimes I just get lost in it. I love the tingly sensations on some of the poses, they appear spot on when they are supposed to according to the Master Li. Funny even some of the other forms I used to practise has automatically changed, even though I have not practiced them as often.

I agree with John, I started off with just following a DVD, although I enjoyed it, I did not lose myself in it when doing the exercises, with Master Li superb instruction, and some daily practice, I feel there is definitely no substitute for a good quality teacher. The great thing about qi gong, that the initial instructions can be easily passed on one form at a time, leaving time for an individual to work at it.

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I am embedding Master Li's Kuan Yin forms, his movements are so graceful. He is a wonderful person, and he reflects it with his actions and his compassion.

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