Monday, December 20, 2010

Explore your Qi Gong Form!

Tu Na - RespiraçãoImage via WikipediaExploring your forms by letting variations come automatically is a good way of focusing your mind into your form.

According to Polarity Theory, there are 3 major currents of energy, and 5 energy fields related to the Chakras (Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root).   

In Qi Gong there is only 3 Dan Tian's that are often discussed, also known as the 3 treasures (Below the Navel, the Heart & the Eye Center)

Whats interesting about the 3 fundamental "energy currents" according to Polarity Theraphy is their form of movement related to the 3 Gunnas:  Nuetral/Satvic (Spinning around the body from head to toe), Yang/Positive/Rajvic (Spiraling out from the Navel), and Yin/Negative/Tamsic (Straight up and down the body in vertical lines).

I often seen Qi Gong movements move along these energy pathways and Fields.

Once you get the picture of the energy currents and fields, you can exaggerate the movements in a twist, straight up and down or around the navel in a circular movement.

The fact that you are getting your mind more present and less rigid, automatically makes it more powerful,  also your body knows what it needs, if you don't explore then you don't know what you are capable of.   So let yourself go.  Letting yourself go also relaxes your body allowing Qi to travel more freely.

Also experiment with Freezing Framing any of your forms till you feel something happening.  This condenses the Qi and stores it.

Remember Qi is outside, inside and always follows your mind!  The more you do it in a day the more you can reverse out some the negative patterns in your day.  Let yourself go and lose yourself in your practice!

Wishing you Love, Compassion & Health


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